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AGUIRRE SANCHEZ-BEATO Sara, MAHIEU Céline, Godin Isabelle, GOMEZ-SANCHEZ Lucia, CASINI Annalisa : Gender, place and community health promotion : theoretical and methodological issues. Read the Abstract

ALESSANDRIN Arnaud : Between gender and health : spaces of transidentities. Read the Abstract

BOCHATON Audrey, GASQUET-BLANCHARD Clélia, HALFEN Sandrine : Health and territorial inclusion of populations: contributions and challenges through the concepts of gender, territory and health.) : Read the Abstract

CHAUVIN Pierre (Interview with) : Gender, territories and health. Read the Abstract

COTTEREAU Victoire : Foreign doctors qualified outside the European Union practicing in France : When hospitals resort to migrant-doctors : Read the Abstract

DENOYEL-JAUMARD Alice, BOCHATON Audrey : Changing medical spaces and practices : generational or feminization effect ? Read the Abstract

GODILLON Sylvanie et VALLEE Julie  : Socio-spatial inequalities in pedestrian accident risk: individual and contextual factors : Read the Abstract

HANCOCK Claire (Interview with) : Gender, territories and health. Read the Abstract

HOYEZ Anne-cécile :Territories, mobility and health: how to compose and to think healthcare access for newly arrived migrants in precarious situation? Read the Abstract

KIHAL Wahida, PADILLA Cindy, DEGUEN Séverine : Intervention to improve urban air quality and health equity. Read the Abstract

LARRAMENDY Stéphanie & FLEURET Sébastien : Self-medication: how the local context influences the practitioner’s perceptions and practices : Read the Abstract

MAIGNANT Gilles : From air pollution modelisation to individual exposure : a complex approach with deterministic models : Read the abstract

MEUNIER-NIKIEMA Aude, KARAMA Fatou, KASSIE Daouda, FOURNET Florence : Health care supply and the city : Bobo-Dioulasso (Burkina Faso) : Read the Abstract

MOBDJ Fatou Leïty : Social vulnerabilities and sexual health: representations, knowledge and behaviours in Noumea youth : Read the Abstract

MOUHADDACH Omar, BEN-DAOUD Mohammed, VANWANBEKE Sophie, KESTEMONT Marie-Paule, EL JAAFARI Samir : Spatio-temporal analysis of Typhoid Fever in Meknes City (Morocco). Read the Abstract


BIOTEAU E., Ed., Health in Romania, which role for social economy ? (workshop) Read the Abstract

CHASLES Virginie, GIRER Marion : Medical tourism and reproductive health : the case of surrogacy in India : Read the Abstract

ELIAS Alissar : Accessibility of women and children to healthcare, case study of three squatter settlements of the city of El-Mina (Lebanon). Read the Abstract

JUILLET Laure, FLEURET Sébastien, BELLANGER William : Practise of family medicine in Palestine : constraints in occupied territories. Read the Abstract

MEHA Christelle : Tourism and health : danger in the forest, see the Tick for the trees. Read the Abstract

PIAN Anaïk : Medical tourism versus therapeutic immigration : exogenous categories are simplistic : Read the Abstract

ROULAND Betty, JARRAYA Mounir, FLEURET Sébastien : From medical tourism toward a space for transnational care : the case of libyan patients in sfax (tunisia) : Read the Abstract


ASCHAN-LEYGONIE Christina :Solutions for a better access to health care : the swedish experience. Read the Abstract

BOURGUIGNON Melanie, EGGERICKX Thierry, SANDERSON Jean-Paul : How to define gerontological health territories to redesign the balance between provision and needs of care in Wallonia? Read the Abstract

CURTIS Sarah, LEARMONTH Alyson : Will decentralisation improve health and reduce inequalities of health in the United Kingdom? Read the Abstract

ELIOT Emmanuel, LUCAS -GABRIELLI Véronique, MANGENEY Catherine : Health care territorialisation and decentralisation: report and stakes on the basis of the french case study. Read the Abstract

GEORGELIN Béatrice : Maternal and child health, territorial strategies and dynamics in Paris. Workshop CNFG 25/06/2016  Rouen :  Read the Abstract

LUCCACIONI  Heloïse :  Une géographie des vulnérabilités territoriales face aux risques zoonotiques émergents. Workshop CNFG 25/06/2016  Rouen :  Accéder à la page

MISSLIN Renaud  : Creation of environments for the behavioural simulation of epidemic vectors. Workshop CNFG 25/06/2016  Rouen: Read the Abstract

THORIGNY Maxime : The development of Telemedicine in France. A territorialisation of public policy? Workshop CNFG 25/06/2016  Rouen: Read the Abstract

VIOT Marianne, VAILLANT Zoé :Co-producing and transferring knowledge to decompartmentalise stakeholders and territorial levels and reducing health inequalities . Read the Abstract


FAYET Yohan, CHASLES Virginie, DUCIMETIERE Françoise, RAY-COQUARD Isabelle : Territory as cancer inequalities generator . Read the Abstract

GASQUET Clélia, PARKINS Kristina, COLLOMBIER Madeleine : Urban social-territorial processus determinant for pregnant women  having given birth prematurely. Read the Abstract

JARRAYA Mounir : Socio-environmental determinants of asthma disparities in the agglomeration of Sfax (central east of Tunisia). Read the abstract

MONTARGOT Nathalie, FEREROL Marie-EVE : Analysis of a thermal cluster at the crossroads of medical tourism and wellness: the case of innovatherm (or auvergne thermal innovation): Read the abstract

VAGUET Alain : Global health : Biopolitics in placeRead the abstract